Pool Membership FAQs

How do I get into the pool? Do you provide Membership ID’s?

We use membership QR codes unique to each person in your family. The QR codes are scanned on entry and exit.  You will receive your membership QR codes before pool opening in 2024.


I want to host a pool party – where can I get more information?

Please click this link to get more information about pool parties –  POOL PARTY PAGE


Can my babysitter come as a guest?

Yes! Babysitters are welcome as guests.  A $10 guest fee applies per day. You may also add your babysitter to your membership for $50.  *Guests may be restricted at busy times.  


What if I have more than 1 babysitter, whose name goes on the membership?

We can accommodate two babysitters per membership but only one babysitter may come to the pool per day.  Please contact the membership coordinator in this special circumstance by emailing [email protected]


Can my spouse or significant other come as a guest?

Yes! You may choose to leave your spouse or significant other off the membership and they may come as your guest.  A $10 guest fee will apply. *Guests may be restricted at busy times. 


Can I get a weekday membership?

No. Weekday limited memberships are not available.  


I am going away for July, can I get a credit to my membership?

No. Special exclusions do not apply. 


How many guests can I bring per year?

We try our best to accommodate all requests for guests.  


Is there adult swim? 

Yes! We offer special adult only swim times in the 5 foot pool hourly throughout each day.


Is there adult lap lane? What time?

Yes! We reserve one lane in the big pool for adult lap swimming.  This lap lane can be used on a first come first serve basis at all times. 


Is there swim team and how can I register?

Yes! We have an excellent swim team program.  For more info click the swim team tab


Are there chairs? Umbrellas? 

Traditionally members bring their own chairs.  Umbrellas are provided and set up on a first come first serve basis.  FCC is not responsible for personal property left on pool grounds.


When can my child swim in the big pool? 

Children must be potty trained and no longer wearing diapers to swim in the big pool.  Children must also be able to swim unassisted without any flotation device or an adult must be in the water with the child. 

Children may swim in the diving-well (12 foot) upon successful completion of a swim test given by a lifeguard.  The test requires the child to successfully swim the full length of the big pool without stopping or touching the bottom or sides.  Upon completion, the child will receive a blue band and will be allowed to use the diving board and free swim in the 12-foot area.  

No diapers are allowed in the main pool or 5ft pool.


Do you offer swim lessons?

Private swim lessons can be arranged by contacting our lifeguards directly.  Look for information to be posted on the cork board by the front gate at the beginning of the summer.  


Can I request a refund for my membership?

No. Memberships are non-refundable. Please keep this in mind when registering.