4 tiered wedding cakeYes we’re located in a town called “Flourtown” so it’s expected that we would have a connection with cakes and baked goods.  Our town literally did get its name from the original flour mills located on the ample running water in the area. With all that flour around there’s been plenty of baking going on around here for  hundreds of years now.

The culinary team here at the Flourtown Country Club is well connected to the traditions of delicious baked goods.  Here are some fun traditions that you may find helpful when planning your wedding day goodies:
  • The tradition of having cake at a wedding has been around for centuries and is steeped in symbolism.  If a traditional type wedding suits your fancy, perhaps sticking with a cake instead of pies or candy bar is best.
  • During the Victorian era the color white became associated with weddings and white wedding cake became popular as a symbol of virginity and purity.  Nice, but aren’t we glad that in modern times the sky is the limit for personal choices on type and flavor of cake to have.  We hope you will talk to our team about the styles and types we offer.
  • Another ancient wedding cake tradition is the cutting of cake.  Did you know that cake was cut and served by only the bride, as it was thought the cake was a factor in her fertility?  As weddings grew, the groom had to assist in the cutting and serving and it became traditional for the bride and groom to share the first piece together as a symbol of their unity.  While the “first piece” tradition is beautiful and fun to watch be assured we have plenty of staff on hand to help with serving and other guest needs.  
We are well versed in the traditions of weddings and ready to help you make the best choices. We hope to see you soon to tour our unique and beautiful facility.  We’re sure you’ll consider it the perfect place to stage your wedding and reception but be sure and look through our photo gallery to see our gorgeous wedding cakes.  We are sure you will love what you see as much as we do.

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