Important Updates: 

  • Practice Range Open! 3 members at a time. Please social distance.
  • Course is open – see COVID-19 Safety Guidelines (listed below)
  • New Tee Time Platform Coming Soon

New Tee Time Platform- Coming Soon 

Flourtown CC is now moving to an online tee time platform through ForeTees.  This is a website and app that is widely used in the golf industry.

Tee times will be able to be booked via the app and the website (You will receive a separate email with more info, please do not try to download anything yet)  Any member who does not have access to a smart phone or computer can call the golf shop or stop in to make a time.

Tee times bookings will be permitted 7 days in advance and will open for bookings at 7am seven days prior.

You will be permitted to book one foursome at a time. (If you have a group of 8 guys, you need to coordinate someone else in your group to book a consecutive time)

You may have 2 tee times scheduled outside of 2 days in advance (For example if it is Tuesday and you have a tee time on Sat and Sunday, you would not be able to book a time on Monday or Tuesday)  We do not want members hoarding times and this is a common policy at other clubs.

When booking times, you will be required to input playing partners (enter guests names or choose members from list)  If you are booking a two-some, there will be an opening for other members to join your group.  You may NOT use other member names to block others from joining.  This will be monitored and tracked and could result in tee time restrictions.  Allowing other members to join your group is a great way to meet new friends and members.

When booking times you will be asked whether you are playing 9 or 18 holes and if you are walking or renting a cart, please give accurate info.

As we all work through the process, we request that you are patient and understanding with members and staff.  There will certainly be hiccups and policy changes throughout the year but please know this system is in place to enhance your member experience.


COVID-19 Safety Guidelines 

We ask all members and guests to adhere to the following rules.
1) Social Distancing (staying 6ft apart from each other) must be practiced
2) Masks Must be worn during tee time registration
3) Any person who is indoors, must wear a mask (Bathrooms are open)
4) Players and staff are expected to adhere to CDC guidelines
5) 1 player per cart- sanitation will occur before and after use – please empty your own trash after use.
6) Do not touch flagstick
7) Rakes will be removed from bunkers- unrated areas can be treated as GUR and a drop with-in the bunker is permitted
8) Cups will either be raised or have foam to avoid ball dropping to bottom of cup
9) Take out beer/drinks will be available- NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL
10) Scores should be posted via mobile device or at home, do not use club GHIN system to post
11) Practice area will temporarily be closed
12) No water coolers will be provided on course
13) Pull carts will be permitted, but may not be stored at FCC
14) If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please refrain from coming to the course

COVID-19 Golf Tee Time Guidelines

Tee Times will start at 8am during the week and 7:30 on weekends
No play will be permitted before this

Tee Times will be 10 mins apart – We are working towards an online ForeTees system, in the meantime, please follow the guidelines below.

Members must walk down towards first tee to register for a tee time
You must be wearing a mask during this time

You will register by signing your name on the sheet along with your cell phone number and how many holes you plan to play. You then will return to your car and you receive text from the starter with your time.
There will be no hanging out by tables or registration table

One group will be on the first tee box, while the group on deck is on the putting green. You may use the putting green 10 mins before tee time.

If you have your own foursome, you are permitted to send one person from your group to reserve the time. This allows you to communicate with your own group on your scheduled tee time designated by the starter. If your group is not there when it is your time to tee off, you will either be moved back to the next available time or replacement players will be substituted

We understand this may cause some inconvenience, it is a necessary measure to provide a safe golfing experience.